shaneShane DeRolf brings more than 25 years of award-winning marketing, branding, publishing, television and licensing expertise to his role as founder and Chief
Creative Officer of KidGrid. He specializes in helping companies and organizations find new ways to connect with audiences and is internationally recognized for his innovative social marketing and media campaigns.

Shane is also the founder and Chief Creative Officer of ANIMALOOZATM, a digital media and publishing company for kids. Prior to that, Shane founded Big Green Company where he created and produced the Emmy®, Webby® and Parents Choice® award-winning preschool public television series, Big Green RabbitTM.

In the late 90’s, Shane served as the founder and president of Random House Entertainment where he wrote the popular children’s book, The Crayon Box That Talked and produced The Crayon Box, an original children’s television series for national syndication.

Prior to that, Shane served as co-founder and partner of World POG FederationTM, a marketing and toy company that transformed a cardboard milk cap into an international toy phenomenon achieving sales of more than $175M in three years.

In addition to his passion for helping to build successful companies, Shane’s zeal for social justice and education has led him to produce award-winning television specials and PSA’s for the Ad Council, including the Emmy nominated “Watts On Your Mind,” the largest children’s
communications campaign in the history of the Ad Council and the EPA.

His extensive body of work has caught the attention of such publications as the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and U.S. News and World Report which wrote that with Shane DeRolf
“…a single, eccentric imagination is clearly at work.”